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Wiing in Raiding in Legion
Sup guys

I was snooping around and I thought I should say hi. Hope all is well, good to see 12 smashing it up. Might try and jump on during Uni holidays in November, I have two xpacs to catch up on.

Catch ya
Wiing in Metadata Retention Laws
SilverClaw wrote:

Currently using PIA.

I don't notice any speed drops.

Hey Silver, If I select "use tap device" i don't experience speed drops. is it safe to roll with this setting enabled?
Wiing in Metadata Retention Laws
so that proxycap socks5 wasn't encrypted, i was miss reading it as SSH tunnel. anyway, after mucking around for a few hours. I found that you can use a program called Viscosity, which setups an openvpn via PIA. but you can select what sites to access / not access via vpn. I set it up selecting vpn t...
Wiing in Metadata Retention Laws
thanks fork, yeah they had an article in the Financial Review, saying how bad data retention is that most ppl dont understand what they are in for. New idea, setup up proxycap to make firefox use a SOCKS5 Proxy through PIA. Now SSH tunnelling is done via Proxycap making it all encrypted. http://www....
Wiing in Metadata Retention Laws
So i want to setup a vpn for firefox browsing only, as i don't want download speeds to be affected. This was my plan- Setup Raspberry Pi with VPN ( with private Internet access vpn), enable SSH2. On main computer, connect to RPi using putty. Then put in my proxy setting into firefox. Will this work ...
Wiing in Settlers of Catan
Well now the mystery is why did wiing get up at 5am his time to make a perfectly sensible post about setllers of catan only to delete it a minute later... There's no motivation for deleting as he deleted it even before I made fun of his lack of friends Yeah, after i made the post i realised that I ...
Pandemic is fun though. I liked that it was a co-op game and was very fun, especially when you're so close to getting it and fail! Yeah, Pandemic looks epic, I bought a copy last week, hope to play it next week. Here's a fun Video from Tabletop - probably should make a new thread lol http://youtu.b...
Wiing in Man Seeking Woman
Pretty good first ep, I liked how he started getting the phonecall's and the famous bit all asking him what he did. Very unexpected, and good to see this in a tv show.
Might even try and read the book now.
Wiing in How Do You Pirate?
Fork, look at getting a Chromebox and install Ubuntu or Openelec for xbmc, plenty of advice on the kodi forums. I want to get one when it's on special nextbtime