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bladearts in Everquest Next (PC)
Makes me wonder what happens to the backers in a situation like this. Do they have the power to sue to get money back from assets or do other creditors take all the remaining money? Say you paid for a founder pack $100. Where does that money go now? It's unreal to think you don't get anything in ret...
It's getting liquefied D: ■Estates Subject to Removal Type: free company estate World: Tonberry Plot: Plot 50, 2 Ward, The Lavender Beds Removal Date: 2016-02-25 05:00:00 (PST) *Days related to maintenance, server outages, or other times when the server is not operational (“Maintenance Events”) do n...
bladearts in Phil aka Higlod
Docilus wrote:
We really need to close all our inactive game advertisements.

The system for it is really convoluted. Last I checked a year or more back I needed to sign back in just to edit the posting.
It's a shame they've no plans for versus. It'd make the replay value way better. How's the connection in general Doc? I heard one complaint was since it's peer to peer you can miss out on loot if the dick hosting leaves early.
bladearts in Fear The Walking Dead
Yeah the series in both comic form and tv show never really explore the outbreak. You have no idea what transpired and how it built up except through maybe the novel that had Phillip.
Not the Final Fantasy VII remake, but arguably much more important Remember that Summer Lesson VR game I posted about before? Well TEKKEN Project is adding yet another educator to their roster. I'm assuming this AI will will teach you how to sing and play...