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The first expansion raid comes out today. This would usually be a period of marked exclamation and excitement for a large number of people, I suppose. It all depends on individual experience. I'm quite pleased to see new content being released shortly after the expansion's release, but that's about...
i wish i could sympathise with you, but alas i am still at the dugeon atma stage and find it hard to press forward with them having a slim chance every 30 minutes, i think atma 1.0 was better than this (with fixed rates). I will have to wait til xpack for better weapons and grats to those whom have ...
For those of you rushing to get your Nexus weapons ready for tomorrow's relic stage deployment, please prepare your butts for another round of Yoshi-brand mindfuckery. He secretly hates us and loves to watch us suffer. My butt is so sore already, pls no more. I haven't even gotten up to light farmi...
nusteyr in Destiny
I forgot to check on here, I would have loved to have done the raid this morning, oh well. maybe another time.
nusteyr in [FC] Raiding Information
Its ok Thor and Ratchan, with some spamming of syrcus tower, you too can be; 108 BRD 99 PLD i100 stuff drops there, and if you can go with a tank or healer, there's faster queues so far i get 1 item per run on average. so use that stuff to bump up your stats and ilvl whilst working towards poetic/so...
nusteyr in Destiny
The game has gotten boring (for a few of us at least), this means that we have to resort to increasing the difficulty ourselves :D