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Imakillu in You Laugh, You Lose
Imakillu in Stupid things you have done
I dunno it was a lot harder than what it is now. People really weren't in the mindset to do anything that hard though. I think when we dragged some gangstas from Enigma and we went through it only took about 4 attempts. Helps when it's not 1am and you have hunters asleep though :O
Imakillu in Useful Advertising
Man that's harsh :P. Maybe I've gone soft or maybe it's the fact I don't know people well enough to rip on them any more :P Because I'm pretty sure I pass up the opportunity too much on these here boards.

Oi Ralphie, on a completely unrelated topic, you still moving to a dodgy country?
Imakillu in Kon's Personal Belongings.
I'd like to see the following items on you please: 1 x sexy grey boots 1 x striped black bra that really doesn't fit 2 x multi coloured underpants (that I intend to wash and return, I swear... Although I'm not sure they were clean when I borrowed them) Think you're doing it wrong. Y ou mean see the...
Imakillu in How long would this take?
I like how when there's been a fair bit of black paint when he's done more than just an outline (or even when he's just obviously had to redo it quite a bit) you can see the smudge marks where they haven't bothered to completely repaint over in white again. Even though it would take a fucking age, t...
Imakillu in Cleanfeed Internet Filter list
"ACMA is investigating this matter and is considering a range of possible actions it may take, including referral to the Australian Federal Police," Senator Conroy said. The watchdog has warned that anyone who republishes the list or attempts to access child pornography sites on it could f...