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H-Master Flex in One Piece
Syphin - I agree 100% with your statement, I finally watched it once, don't think I'll start it over for a bunch of years though :p Thanks for the welcome back too!

What do you guys think?

Read manga or wait for anime episodes?
H-Master Flex in High School (musical?)
Ya, apparently an ace student was high for one time just as they were conducting drug tests and thus lost his chance at being valedictorian and his life was ruined so he wants revenge on everyone (for which he teams up with a stoner).

Something like that.
H-Master Flex in Naruto [Hinata Won]
Bon Clay was awesome, one of the best crossdresser/gay/tranny characters you will find in a manga. Sanji would agree with me. I don't really care about Naruto at the moment, but this comment made me extremely happy. I love Bon Clay sama. I'm on this whole 'memory-loss' arc in one-piece right now an...