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Remedial in The Magicians
i called Martin being the Beast about 5 episodes ago, didn't see the whole julia getting raped by a demon god and going crazy though they did that really well though, showing brief glimpses of the ceremony from her point of view had me convinced everything went as expected, it felt a little bit ...
Remedial in Doctor Who Series 9
So then is the Me that went off adventuring in Clara's half a heartbeat of life left 4 billion years or 100 trillion years old? Also a lot of people seem to think it's a cop out to keep her alive, but i'd love to watch the Me and Clara adventures
Remedial in Doctor Who Series 9
I still like the first season with Amy Pond more so far. But yeah great season, The punching through diamond was definitely a highlight, however were you not annoyed that he punched such a large hole, if he had of punched a crawling hole he could have made it out in like 1 billion years. Also kind o...
Remedial in Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I generally hate the chick that plays the lead of the ACTU, every single character she gets cast as is just super hate-able.

But she was great in most of this, specially good bit right at the start of the episode that came out last night
Remedial in Doctor Who Series 9
Whole season has been great, most recent episode was really well done although you are left wondering why he didn't punch a smaller hole, instead of one big enough to stroll through while twirling a cane, could have save about a billion years