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Hey Guys,

for the people in yesterdays IC 10 we will finish Sinda and hopefully LK normal tonight starting about 7pm Server time. Hope everyone can make it, sorry I dont think i'll be back from work earlier then that.

Send me ingame mail or leave a msg here if something comes up. Also if you have time look up the strats for sindrangosa and lich king so its easier to explain.

See you tonight

Vess aka Neclord
how does heroic LK 25 go, reckon you guys will kill him tonight ?
not trying tonight wiing, we're trying to knock it down to 3 raid nights

last night was a good sign for dps/healing, but a horrible horrible sign for people being able to pay attention for more than one or two attempts, fucking youths these days
they just don't make them like they use to rem
Ah, I remember tanking ZG as a Mortal Strike warrior. Those were the days. Man Twelve was so sloppy back then. Who was our raid leader? Someone who quit back around the same time I did...I forget.
I remember goign to a twelve ZG one day when i missed my guilds one and it took 6 hours QQ.

Anyway good job tonight guys, with about 6 people who had never done IC and were undergeared 1 shotting everything bar BC, sindra and getting LK down to 34% in just a week is pretty good. (sure the buff helped) but good job picking up the mechanics quickly.

Hopefully before the reset we can get LK down and get somemore people their KS title and the pinyata Lk enjoyment
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