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So since theres me and a couple people who still dont have their 25ICC drakes and theyre supposedly being taken out in 4.0 I was wondering if theres anyone who wouldnt mind helping out to get mine finished and anyone else who wants one.

I was thinking of doing it on a regular raid night since we're not raiding anymore, so either tonight (Sunday), Monday or Wednesday this week. Rem offered to tank so we just need 1 more tank, some healers and a bunch of dps.

Sign up here. Bring your alts if you want, or your friends.

Ronald the Second
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I was under the assumption that the drakes were staying and they were just making the hardmode 100% drop rate mounts rare.
IMO, although I can't remember reading anything saying they're taking them out (I might have however), they wont be around in Cataclysm, and quite possibly in 4.0 either.

I'll come on my warrior assuming the run looks like it'll go smoothly and I get priority on a few items over alts / pugs (I need a ring and gloves and a few other things to get rid of all the agility items i use which will be almost useless come 4.0 which is only in a few weeks)
Thats fine Stackee you can reserve whatever you want. Im asking everyone if they want to come but it might be heavily pugged if I cant get enough guildies.

At this stage looking at raid time Wednesday.
Nah I was lieing about the whole removal of drakes in 4.0, I thought you'd pick up on it =( either way I'll help out if needed.
if i have no plans for wednesday night, i'll come along. tbh, since we've stopped till 4.0, been kinda relaxing, not having to worry about racing home from work and such. esp now daylight savings is on (me being in brisbane). so dont put me down as a def, but if u see me online then count me in.
Im going to begin organizing the run at 6:30 tomorrow night. Trying to get more ranged for the people who need Neck Deep in Vile by pugging or getting friends.

So if you want to come please be online by 6:30 for invites. Going to try and start by 7.
just realised it's daylight savings (in regards to raids) which means i'll probs be late. if i'm home at 530 though, i'll be on otherwise i'll just get on when when i get home which will probably be around 730,8 your time
sorry cant make it tonite. was spose to go to dinner with friends but had to be rescheduled for tonite. goodluck, hope u get ur mount.
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