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Anyone else here do any amateur (or paid) photography as a hobby? If so post your pics.

I've not had a camera for like 10 years because I always ended up frustrated with the motion blur and crappy low light/flash performance you get from point and shoot compacts, but I decided to get a decent entry level SLR to take overseas. It had to be portable and light but still capable of nice images and some basic level of manual control for aperture, shutter speed, iso, lenses etc. Ended up getting a Sony NEX-5 with 16mm and 18-55mm lens kit on the weekend and so far I love the little thing. People with full size DSLRs and 'prosumers' reckon the UI is crap and not enough manual control but its pretty perfect for a noob like me with only a bare level of knowledge. People also seem really divided on the looks, some think its ugly and silly looking having a big lens on a tiny camera, I think it looks awesome.


I spent some of the day playing around with settings and features. It takes pretty awesome low light night shots without a flash due to the SLR sized sensor. Also does some neat stuff like on the fly panorama stiching. Just point somewhere, hold down the button and sweep in one direction up to 220 degrees and in about 3 seconds it turns all the shots into a single large picture. Heres one I just took off my balcony. Theres a few little blurry bits on some of the more detailed parts of the image, but that was a one off shot with zero level of care, I just walked outside, pressed butan, turned it sideways, then came back inside. I reckon it has great potential for shooting landscapes.


It has a bunch of auto settings for various picture types, like the 'macro' setting for automatic arty close-up focus with blurred background (Bokeh) shots for food and insects, shit like that. Heres a random pic of my coffee, once again, no real effort to stabalise the shot, just one handed point and shoot without even checking any settings.


Pretty crappy shots but there is some definite potential there that you dont get in a standard compact camera.

Oh yeah, it also does 1080i HD video. Fucking sweet little camera.
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I have heard awesome things about that camera. Also Gizmodo seemed to have a hardon for it. But that was back when they blogged about things other than iPhones and people actually read giz.

If I had large amounts of disposable income I'd totally get an EOS 5DmkII, that is the sexiest DSLR out.
5d is a beast. You'd have to really like photography to drop that sort of money on a camera. If I end up enjoying this one to its full potential I might feel like upgrading to something more sophisticated, but for the moment it more than fulfils my needs.

For anyone interested in getting one, I paid $1080 at the sony centre on george st with the hard lcd screen protector and an 8 gig sony memory card included. Pretty good considering the price tag said 1200. I walked in, said "Im looking at getting an NEX-5" to the sales guy and the first thing he said was "I can give it to you for $1030" which was only $10 more than the best internet price I'd seen from a place i would trust enough to buy. There were cheaper online places, some significantly so, but with a tiny bit of whirlpool searching there was always rage posts about dodgy asian service from those. Would rather get quality service and piece of mind for if something goes wrong, so I can physically go into a store and get help rather thean airmailing it back to hong kong and never hearing from them again.
That Panorama feature is pretty cool seeing you dont have to take seperate shots you just sweep the camera. Im in the process of doing research to buy a Canon 50D or 550D for Uni next year. Trying to get into Photography at RMIT or VCA. Some of my photos are on my Flickr
I recently bought an Olympus EPL-1 and hadn't really tried it out too much until my holiday due to England having shite weather. Overall it's pretty decent. It's also a micro four-thirds, so SLR sensor, smaller body; which was my reasoning in getting it. Also because it looks cool 8)

Problems I came across with it so far have been bad auto focus, which to be fair is easily remedied with the good amount of focus points available to choose. It just might take a little longer for a pic I guess. Ok if it's not moving. The weight and size is what I was looking for and am not disappointed at it. I got a nice hard leather case that attaches to the mounting foot and then has a wrap around cover that's removable.

I'm still sifting through my photos and will have some up on flikr and fb in the near future that I'll link through. After an initial skim though, only a few are inspired shots, the rest are "I'm on holiday and have to use my new camera" photos.

edit* Forgot to mention one thing I do like is that it's slightly temperamental like film in that you can't really get the same picture twice so easily and light level changes are noticeable. It's really nice as that was one of the things I missed about film.
Great choice with the EPL-1. That was a very close second to the sony on my list, both of them are a little more stylish than the other mini dslr choices, although coming from opposite sides of the spectrum. The sony is really sleek and futuristic and the olympus has stacks of retro charm.

Took a few more shots tonight when I got home from work, to see what the low light performance was like.

City view:

Front gate:

Resident brat cat, Dracula. (looking typically evil). Background cameo by his accomplice Gizmo

Gizmo slutting it up to help demostrate the colour capturing abilities.

Practicing my bokeh skillz

These are scaled down to 640x480, the default image size is 4592x3056 pixels, its fucking giant.
Abusing vignette is oldskool. Real pros take high clarity sharp looking pics and then rape them in photoshop with texture masking. The most pro of all just get hipstamatic
Nice looking camera Ralphie.

Ill post some pics when I get home. Cant say its a hobby, but i do like to take pictures every so often.

Ive got myself a Nikon D60 with the 55 - 200 lens as an extra.
D60 is a nice little slr. What other lenses have you got apart from the big zoom? I'm hoping they'll bring out a fast prime for my camera soon, like a 50mm f1.4 or something that would be good for portrait and macro shots. I could get a mount adaptor and use the sony alpha lenses or some other adaptor to use pretty much anything else, but because the camera is so small the anti-blur stability tech is housed in the lens instead of the body, so I'd only be able to use other lenses with a tripod or in good light with fast shutter/good light. Also lose autofocus.

I started a flickr account to put some shots up. (also great for uploading shots while travelling so you don't lose everything if your camera gets stolen)
Standby for my out of focus arty shot of a downy on a bus.

If i was becoming a true hipster id be taking one handed photos of homeless people with climate change referencing captions on my polaroid while drinking a soy latte and wearing a beret... ironically.
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