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Who's interested in getting a 310 Frost Wyrm before the expansion? I'm thinking of running a 10 man ICC for alts (and if you're desperate to find a group on your main/not a raider). I'll be doing it this Sunday (22nd) at about 3 or 4 depending on when people prefer.

It'll take 3ish hours to clear it on normal mode I think, and a bit longer on hard, depending on the gear/experience of the alts. It'll be done this week and next, starting with normal modes this week for the random achievements then when everyone's got kingslayer and shit, we'll clear hard mode the week after. Anyway we want geared alts, not recent 80s or ones you haven't touched since Ulduar was released. If you want a GS number then work with 5200 minimum but if I can see you've put good effort into your toon, then no issues there. Anyway post here with your character's name/role if you're interested in coming.

List of who's coming:

Healers: Thybank (Stackee), Sarily (Nardall), <Bellemy>
Tanks: <Drawstring>(Panthanaise), Chaoshealer
DPS: Barely, Rezagain, Pingin, Cambrie, Remedial
I'd be interested in doing it either on Panth if you wanted a 3rd healer/crappy DPS (which I would try and gem up if you wanted him to DPS for most of it) or my DK which has a 5.8ish DPS set and not a bad tank set either - could easily offtank the entire instance on normal.
Heeeey stackeeee, I know you said 12 alts … but a few good chums in my guild (including me) wouldnt mind a frostwyrm. They may even be willing to pay. However this week we're locked out >.> Let me know if you do another :>
It was a month like 2 weeks ago Bells...and btw, if you don't kill the LK you don't actually get saved and can undo the extended lockout, leaving you free to pwn the rest of the bosses
did you wanna come rem?

Also bells, i can probably guarentee you a spot but depending how good your friends are? no offense but we wanna quickly clear and if they haven't even completed it on normal, really not sure how good they are? =/

btw you're not saved unless you've used an attempt on hard mode or killed a boss, you can easily unextend it.
Having the raid ID saved isnt the point. Showing loyalty to the losers I raid with is the point :P

Woops! Stack beat my post.

Yeah ill be honest, there are some terrashits in my 10man. but theres at least 6-7 that do their job. Cant speak for all of them, but I know a few would pay money. Just not this week, unfortunately
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except im not sure whether we will do it again. the hard modes i could get u in for but this week we're only doing normal modes and their achievements, definitely
also im not charging ppl for this run at all. and twelve are going to be priority sorry bells besides you that is ;( also i dont think we'll be doing it after the next week (but will be keeping same group as much as we can)
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