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GenericElf wrote:
I finished the game in about 15 hours on hard difficulty. It was pretty damn challenging. I can imagine the 1999 mode is absolutely brutal.

See, I played on normal to absorb the story as I've been scorned before by starting on hard mode and hating it, but it's a pretty good progression and I bet you're going to find it a bit easier than me ...being rather stoned at the time of my first proper death in 1999 mode might not have helped the cause.
O.k, so enough of you have gone on about this for long enough now that I can no longer ignore it.

It's obviously of such quality entertainment value that I need to part with some coin immediately.
kiral wrote:

That's amazing.

And Jim, it's pretty engrossing, although I have found a bit of a lack of motivation to continue 1999 mode now that I've died. The save point wasn't too far back, but I'm scared it'll start me again...
So I just spent the last week or so playing through Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. I havent been that engrossed in a series of games since Mass Effect. Theyre all amazing, and although Infinite isnt set in the Rapture universe it still delivers. And it looks fucking amazing.

If you havent played any of these games yet theyre well worth it.
Can't bring myself to play Bioshock or Bioshock 2. Every time i start i get distracted with something and come back days or weeks later. Then I end up starting over again.
Bleh face indeed, but at least they went out with a bang and he's moving on for the right reasons.

Will be looking forward to what they decide to do next.
Is this not a good thing..? Apparently the new studio he's forming is a with a bunch of other industry stalwarts. Looking forward to what he does.
It's certainly a sucky deal for the people at the studio who are being let off. There is some top tier talent in there, we're going to try to get some of it.

As for Ken, he'll make something awesome and interesting whenever he figures out what he is making.
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