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So as you may have noticed I've been here and there and not and such for a while now.

A lot of shits been happening lately, i'm expecting the piano to drop on my head any time now lol.

So basically, my pop got really sick and i've been to and from Melbourne (from Sydney) every second weekend or so, and I've just gone back to uni, as well as work, and a lot of other family shit. This pretty much sums up every excuse I needed to explain my absence from raids recently. Sadly, it will have to cover the rest of them as well.

I also got mugged by a group of fobbers on the way back from the city on Saturday night (sunday morning to be exact) and lost my phone, my wallet, my ipod, a whole heap of shit, so I need to work a bit more to pay that shit off as well.


Sorry for inconveniences, I will be around and about, but not nearly as much as before. Guess you might want to try to find another disc priest as bad as me.


Shame to hear that life is throwing so much shit at you. You seemed like a pretty cool guy when I was around.

Hopefully you'll get through it and be spamming bubbles again for Twelve soon.

Rezzy, how's the holiday going?
Awesome - grats meng. Sounds like a pretty epic holiday then. Say a big grats to Bells. Someone will always be around to scratch that hairy chest of yours
Eutoph wrote:
Someone will always be around to shave that hairy chest of yours

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