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Apparently it's Japan.

This is from the Economic Times:
The Japanese are the most holiday-deprived nation in the developed world, taking an average nine days off a year, while the French enjoy the most, averaging 34.5 days off annually, a survey found.

A poll of 9,000 adults in 13 countries by Harris Interactive for online travel company Expedia found Japanese workers not only got the least vacation of about 16.5 days a year but they tended to use only about half of them.

The French, however, get the highest number of vacation days a year, an average of 37.5, and were happy to take almost full advantage of this R&R.

The United States gave workers the second-least number of days off a year, averaging 17, of which most people would take 14, according to the so-called vacation deprivation survey conducted between April 13 and April 22.

New Zealanders were given an average of 19.5 days vacation a year and would take about 17 while Australians usually took off about 16.5 days of the 20 days' holiday permitted.

Danes, Germans, and Norwegians were most likely to take full advantage of the days given, using 93 per cent of their allocated vacation of 29, 27.5, and 28 days respectively.

Canadians tend to use 90 per cent of an average holiday allowance of 20 days, Swedes use 89 per cent of 27.5 days, Britons use 91 per cent of 28 days, Italians use 82 per cent of 32.5 days, and Spaniards use 89 per cent of 32 days.
A note to consider is that the study doesn't count the public holidays provided in each country, which should be included when trying to ascertain the about of holidays taken in any given country. Given that there is not a uniform number of public holidays across countries. Just something to ponder.
North Korean's get 3 holidays each year, they take all 3 days off, 100% holiday rate.
Fun wrote:
I'd say North Korea pips them.

Dear leader would disagree with you. The utopian society of North Korea offers a daily lifestyle that far exceeds western societies. Everyday is like a holiday, for North Korea is a paradise.
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