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copied from frostmourne forums as the only half decent post on there in the last year


I am writing this because since i have joined guild i have noticed a lot of guildies either using a lot of spammy addons or totally not understanding the effect the addons there using are having upon guild members / raid.

This also is the case upon any guild and group / raid you enter.

First of ill name a few addons that spam a lot and the effect of them :

Gear Score - Having this addon enabled in guild spams every single 1 of your guild members just by being in guild so for example "Player 1" enables gearscore there is 67 people in guild online , 67 people are receiving spam from that 1 person usually per second while having it enabled if not within a minute. So how does this effect you if 40+ people in your guild are online that have this addon on that's 40+ spam messages your receiving per xx seconds what does this mean it means you LAG , DISCONNECT or have delay when pressing your buttons "but my MS is the same" it isn't anything to do with your MS you can literally feel the lag to prove it "put the online people in your guild on ignore during raid excluding the officers and GM" and see if you notice a difference 99% of you will.

Carbonite - Spams a lot to also spams people not in guild so keep a eye out for it.

Healbot - This addon is used by pretty much every healer its not there fault this is a essential mod for them to heal so instead of asking people to turn it off the easiest solution is to ignore them or make a macro to ignore the healers during the boss fight with exception of the officers / GM once again.

People may ask how do i no whats spamming who etc these are the mods to find out who its coming from.

Snoop - Simple addon that reads the hidden addon channel where the spam occurs

Instructions for use after mod is installed :

1. Make new chat window
2. /snoop print
3. Check the new window you made to see what number it is
4. /snoop # "number of the window u want it spammed into"
5. /snoop on

from there you can see who is spamming you with what and then /ignore them to reduce lag/delay/dc's

People may ask how do i no what is what when snoop is reporting here is some examples


Most of them are common sense even if you don't know what they are you wont do anything wrong by ignoring the people spamming you with them

I have a quick Screenshot i took to show you as of current what spam im getting not even in raid

I have blanked out UI and Most names to stop trolling etc

As you see in the screenshot there is a ###* load of spam happening this is just Idle at front of Ironforge Gates its 100x worse in raid and most of you wonder why you dc most of time its nothing to do with your computers or your internet connections its all the addon spam. How come when we raided at 60 with 40 people we hardly had dc's or major lag

Anyways i hope you all read this and take it serious so we can improve our raiding with no dc's and lag and improve the entire server


Keep in mind to never to ignore a officer or your GM as you will either not see them asking you to do something or you will miss out on loot and bids

If you use recount which i assume 99% of you do the damage meters are never truly accurate but some people including me like to have a rough idea of how there going in raid that's fine.

But 1 command you can use to stop spamming people if you do want to use recount is /recount sync it should say "Recount : Lazy sync disabled" this pretty much just stops recount syncing to prevent lag and addon spam from each other and becasuse even with syncing your meters arent 100% accurate you dont lose anything by turning this off

Sorry for the bad punctuation

Thanks for Reading
Hope it Helps


tl:dr, ignore cunts with spammy addons
i use questhelper occasionally when i'm lvling coz it'll do tomtom arrows for me but why the fuck would anyone run a quest mod in raids, it chews up heaps of addon memory and it's useless
stack you should have an addon that pings other people to see if they've got shadowmourne and if they don't it could whisper them and ask how sweet yours looks?
[80][W]Stackee: Dear Sir/Madam, how are you today? I noticed that you don't have a [Shadowmorne] equipped. If you /tar Stackee, you will be able to see my [Shadowmorne] equipped. How sweet does it look?
i use this : … am-fu.aspx

needs fu bar i think but that's what i use so i got no issues.

basically it shows you a list (that you can reset with one click) of people whose addons recently communicated with your client. arranged by the amount of data. then you can show which addons these people are running and how much each addon per person is spamming.

no need to dick about with channel settings etc - just quick/easy/concise information
stack wrote:
Yea public humiliation. I like it!

think it's time for some gkick roulette. if i put one month onto your account would you do this for me spoon?

I'd roulette the fuck out of people but as if I would be bothered downloading updates to do it.

Just gkick xestio and half-heartedly pretend it was random.
Remedial wrote:

Keep in mind to never to ignore a officer or your GM as you will either not see them asking you to do something or you will miss out on loot and bids

So people fail to read this, or understand context. Congrats.
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