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I haven't had tequila for so long. How are you going to drink it?

I think i'll be on the Makers Mark tonight at home then Jacks when out and about.
Remedial wrote:
did gun ever update his anus tearing thread?

Nope, everythings on the mend, infection cleared up, still painful but at a much more acceptable level.
I usually go to Woolworths liquor to get my alcohol. Say what you want but I really fucking like VB. I've tried most beers that Australian bottle shops sell frequently and VB is my favourite. There is usually a special on to buy slabs for less than $40. Other than that I love these two Dutch beers (I'm 50% dutch and love all the salty licorice shit and most foods that come from Holland) that are sold in Woolworths too - Amsterdam and Oranje Boom (Orange Boom - pronounced "Or-en-ye-bom" - Translates to Orange Tree in English). Can usually pick up a slab for ~$30 on special. Sure it's cheap and most people are going to be like "QQ SHIT BEER CAT PISS ETC" but get fucked. I don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks they're great beers and hey.. I'm saving money without even meaning too.
I'm quite fond of Peroni beers as of late. They're a bit on the $$ side though.

If the coins are runnin low, TNs or Teds will do just fine. They're only like $35 a case at the local.
Victoria wrote:
Heineken? Who drinks that shit?

I don't really like Heineken out of a bottle but from a tap and especially pouring your own from your very own keg it definitely tastes a whole lot better, I suggest you give it a try.

@Mattey: I must say when I go to my folks place and there's just VB in the fridge It's not that bad as you'd think. EE on the other hand is terrible. Never had the balls to grab a carton of XXXX to try it. That orange stuff
@Silver: Peroni is alright but average, we got some at work and they weren't even 1.0 standard drinks WTF.
<3 Fork, used this at two separate Woolworths stores yesterday morning and spent the rest of the day/night working through both of the kegs at a party. Much fun was had :D .
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