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Fuck man, they know how to make shovels. I mean, a fucken SAW! It slices, it dices, it even digs caves. And a grappling hook...

The guys in that are awesome :o

Who would have thought there would be that many uses from a shovel. This is what wins wars.
first thing you were expected to buy when i became a Cadet at school was one of those shovels
It's moments like these that I feel proud to be Chinese.

Westerners are always slamming us, citing that all we do is pirate, reverse-engineer and copy western designs.

Well, I am proud to say that things will change with this truly revolutionary shovel.

Who are the innovators now, Capitalist-Pig Dogs? /smug
nice blade, that thought always crosses my mind when i see a drunk past out mate. I will always think twice before i act.
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