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Alright, so we really should start working on this if we want to get it down before other shit guilds. We need 10 very committed people that are willing to put in their very best for a few hours at a time a few nights a week (on top of 25 raiding).

We're going with an all-range dps group with two tanks and three healers. We'll see how we go like that and then move to two healers and an extra dps if we think it will work better like that. We might have to look outside the guild for a few extras (e.g. Holy Paladin) because we currently don't have all the classes we need who have the skill/gear that we are looking for.

So far the people we know are keen / we are interested in taking are:

* Dewfase - Tank
* Stackee - Tank
* Rezplzk - DPS
* Veilo - DPS
* Visc - DPS
* Mctotem - DPS
* Snuffington - DPS
* Nardall - DPS
* Cash - Heals
* Victoriaaz - Heals

Twelve was the in the top 3 or 4 guilds to kill Sarth10+3 and we did it the legit way, instead of zerging it like some scrub guilds had to do to get their 10man drakes. This wasn't because we decided we felt like killing it one night and got 10 people together to kill it in a few attempts. It's going to take time for everyone that comes to perfect their roles but it will be really fucking rewarding when we do kill it (we will kill it if people show up and are committed). But yea, basically it is impossible to carry people in this fight even with a perfect raid composition and amazing gear so don't take it personally if we don't need your class/spec or want you. Everyone that comes needs to be willing to keep going even when we aren't going too well and don't even fucking post in this thread if you're not willing to flask for every attempt for the whole attempt and use two potions a fight (mainly DPS).

We're planning on clearing the whole place on heroic first each week as well so you need to come for that so we can get it done as quickly as possible and also get some upgrades which will help us down it sooner as well.

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Yeh don't bother posting here, just in game is fine.
Clownshoes wrote:
The light on my monitor blinks bright blue when it's in standby, which jerk thought that would be a good idea?

The same jerk who thought it would be a good idea to put a toilet under the shower, in the hotel I stayed at in Thailand.
gives a new meaning to 'Shitting in the Shower' Kiral
I'm happy to come to all of the nights (even tank if I have to) if the group is consistent, good and willing to put in the extra bit of effort / gold (e.g. using two haste pots on dps race bosses, flasking even though "it's doesn't make a difference" or "there's only 10 mins left before we call it" or "we're just practicing"). I can't be fucked coming if people won't even do the easy things right.

I also don't want to come if there are people in the group making the same mistake nearly every attempt especially on the "simple" fights.

I think that we should try and do a few more weekend raids (Saturday/Sunday afternoons) except when people have prior commitments. I think we'd get a lot more done in this time because no one should be feeling too sleepy or burnt out (like after 25 man raids). On the same level, I think the ten man raids should be scheduled better instead of it being a lucky dip of whether people want to go after the raid or not. If we want to progress properly we should be doing maybe one afternoon each weekend and 2-3 after-raid ones. Assuming the server and it's latency permits, I think we should do the after-raid 10mans after the raids on Wednesday and Thursday which will allow us to clear the "easy" stuff then the afternoon on the weekend can be dedicated to proper progression. After that we can decide whether or not we want to finish off ICC10/push the next boss on hardmode on Sunday/Monday nights.

By the way, Rem, I think we should either change the 25 man raid time to later or have harsher penalties for turning up late because currently raids aren't getting started til 7:15-7:30 (especially on progression nights) which is an enormous waste of time for people who log on at the right time (6:45). I'm late quite a bit mainly because I do stuff in the afternoon and raids starting before 6 without daylight savings isn't too great but that should subside when daylight savings finishes ?at the end of this month?.
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