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Twelve Progression

Mannoroth schmanneroth

willy wrote:
Great work, pretty iconic lore character there. I thought he died in the cinematic...

He starts dead in the fight and is reincarnated. Its a 4 stage fight, first up we kill a bunch of summoner adds.

Second stage Mannaroth is a skeleton. "What is this? .. Gul'dan .. what have you done? .. I am .. so weak .." … vent-01-sk

At 65% health his power is returned to normal: … h-event-02

At 35% power he goes into super mode: … h-event-03
cailo- wrote:
Twelve and Exit Strategy and friends just killed Archimond and has saved the world again. Next stop heroics!


oooh shit it continues again, nice one man, killing the expac boss!! Wicked loot?
It was a big night tonight with first time kills of heroic Iron Reaver, Kormrok, Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg Deadeye and Gorefiend.
Many familiar Twelve names in the dps department lead the way.

Matey wrote:
lol classic magpie and his horrible dps.

That was for overall data and he was late to the raid from work. Check out his 76k dps he was actually on top.

This was also Lumi's first raid in 5 years so it was nice to see him back.
Matey wrote:
lol classic magpie and his horrible dps.

Haha good old matey!
I'd love to see you come along sometime!
Please see what my recount(of the last boss we did) woke up to today after last night.
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