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Twelve Progression

Mannoroth schmanneroth

Got another 2 heroic kills last raid night.

Heroic Sha of Pride (no screen taken cause we're nubs to busy fapping over loots) and Heroic Galakras screen inc when cap gets to it!

Big grats to the raid team. We're still going strong with our semi casual 2 nights a week.
Yea Thursday night was a great night. I never thought I'd raid again in a guild so progressed but here we are downing 2 new heroic bosses in one night. With the xpac still another 6 months away we could probably finish up 8 to 10 heroics down in this patch.
Hunterbob wrote:
cailo- wrote:
Mattey wrote:
Cailo and his bloody clam

My clam is bloody?

Once a month, yes.

This is fucking hilarious. Well played, sir.

Heroic Malkorok is deaded.

Had some turmoil recently and had some subs in: Skilz and Nardall.

We still managed to get it down. Big thanks to the raid team and to our special 'returning' guests.
Remedial wrote:

a lot of familiar faces in there still

so wish I had the time to play, or the ability to enjoy playing casually

fucking casuals

I'll be casualling it up in WoD. Feel free to join me. I'll be playing for about 3hours a week.
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