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The Walking Dead

Season 6 - Redeeming Itself!

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Yeah I was definitely expecting him to somehow get out of it.

UBERSPOILER: Darryl should have gone for Rick!! What was he doing just turning around and going back to do the same this when he heard the shots that were fired near Rick.

This episode was weird.

I'm not sure I liked it.
This episode was a bit slow, but still a great story.

Though after the cliffhanger from the last episode, it felt pretty unnecessary.

At least now we know why he's so against killing, I think he's going to have some serious beef with Carol now and maybe even try to convert her.
Watching the new season now, although not up to date. I definitely am enjoying this season though.

My favourite part is Rick being perpetually covered in blood. Like eeeeeveryone else is clean and rick is just head to toe in blood.
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