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EZTV is down due to hardware problems, has been for the past few days.

I know a lot of people here use eztv, do you have any alternative sites where you see what's coming out?

I'm using to see when things come out but it doesn't have a 'coming out today' list for the casual browse - mainly movies to actually download the things - I find it hard to see the new stuff due to the sheet amount of stuff that gets posted

What are you using?

Also out of curiosity do your rss torrent feeds still work?
Spoon wrote:
Try clicking any of these on the eztv page...

Useful links while we are down:

EZTV @ thepiratebay
EZTV @ mininova
EZTV @ bt-chat
EZTV @ zoink

Well that page hasn't come up for me for at least 24 hours now but thanks mr smart arse I had clicked them and they're not what I'm after - hence this post.
I find it handy to know what is coming out on the day before it's out, that way I can wait for it to be released or download an episode of something else to watch. Especially these days when good shows are scarce there have been a couple of days a week with nothing decent coming out.

Half of the purpose of this thread was to find out how you go about choosing what to download. Do you search or skim through big lists like View by number of seeds in tv/movies every day? Use a RSS feed? etc..

Now here's a pretty picture for you all to get off my back and answer the above questions.

i use clons RSS feed, works great

misses a couple of shows such as chaser's war on everything and something else i like but can't remember the name of at the moment

and i leave it as a pleasant surprise when something magically appears ready for download
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