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I just love the humming part. I found myself humming or whistling it all day yesterday.
Love that Peking Duck song, but I really don't get Soundcloud.

Unless I'm retarded there's no volume control on them which is annoying, and the comments are so useless they're bordering on youtube comment drivel.
It has a better sample rate than YouTube (typically). I think the main feature though is that you can use it to listen to music (or sound).

It and Hype Machine differ to services like Rdio and Spotify in that you can find remixes, bootlegs and other cool versions that may not have been specifically 'released' by a label.

Also don't read the comments. Adjust your system volume.
Oh of course, I just find the little things missing to be a bit annoying. Much like the new Youtube embed not having the title showing =/
At the start of that I was a bit annoyed at some of the misspellings and mispronunciations but by about halfway through I was just thoroughly impressed. The guy sure can say a lot of words quickly.
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