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There are those among us who feel Twelve is heading in a downwards spiral, doomed to disband and leave all of us stranded without a guild.

To any who believe this, you are wrong. Out of the ashes we will rise, even without the cutlery which has become blunt, the human phallus which has sagged and the American guy who didn't know when to use three fingers or two.

Do not despair for I am here to stay. In the following days we will feel the lose of ones we once loved and ones we hated. Take this with a grain of salt, things can only get better from here.

The future I foresee for Twelve is a great one. Penance is a guild built on greed, selfishness and sadness. Twelve was build from friendship and close bonds which were once forged of steel. This can mean only great things for Twelve.

Twelve will become a superpower. We will succeed where Penance fails. In the end we will triumph over the evil.

Our decisions will be made as a whole, not as a selfish decision which leaves 90% of the guild stranded. Our decisions will benefit the guild, not destroy it. We will be patient, and think on things before making rash decisions which would later be regretted.

I call upon all loyal members of Twelve to unite with me, and work together through the hard times which are certain to follow.
I want to stay >_>

But as im sure most of you know WoW is most fun while playing with your friends. And with Willy and Spoon moving over (Who i both have known in real life for aeons) and phil (a great friend from an old server, just like kiral) i was going to move with them.. However i still think there is hope in the old bird yet.

If i can persuade Spoon to stay then we shall 'rise up from the ashes' and shit and keep pushing this guild for all it is worth.

So i'll stay, if you will keep me,

<3 Fork


Just though i'd add, as much as i love this guild (i really do) i think that if i cannot persuade Spoon, i will leave with them, just because they are my RL friends..
wet cardboard
Good stuff man.

I didnt join the guild for end game shenanigans. I joined because the people I grouped with seemed cool and funny. End game come stuff will come in time, the real fun comes from having a group of random idiots to talk to whenever you want.

I'm giving the guildless thing a try (because I've never done it before, i'm not looking for somewhere else to go) but I'd like to see twelve survive because it was a cool spontaneous thing.

So good luck with keeping it rolling. I'll still be hanging out in /join boowilly :P
Guys, i have decided to stay. I realised the guild was the biggest reason i played the game, and if i was going to go to Penance i may as well just quit wow. I'll stay and i'll play with you guys. <3
we can actually try to organise joint raids with smaller guilds who lack people too.. instead of having the 55s leaving.. i tink i would be pretty unfair to the ppl who are reaching 55 [but no too those who are still far away.. =p].. they would pretty much be left stuck..
Having been through the process once before on Proudmoore, i was orignally pretty pissed off about it but thats life and we move on.

Its a messy situation and no mistake but i will be staying on and helping out where i can to get more people coming up thru the ranks.

Peace all
Fork and Spoon are staying. Therefore there is a chance (a very large one) that the guild will stay united in the face of all evil..!

aka Willy
Fun wrote:
So in the end, who did we actually lose besides Willy?

Possibly Philondra, whetcardboard is guildless atm too.

I have sent out a mass email to everyone that has an account on the forums (which you all should recieve) saying we are back up for action, so if they wish to come back they can :)

<3 Fork
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