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Hey dont forget me peoples im with this shit talking bunch of 8 legged afrikan lumberjacks all the way.
Dont mind the 8 legged lumberjack bit. I was born this way.

Freakn so happy that the guild still survives!!!!! :) I feel the love wen im in the game thanks to u all... thanks <Twelve>
P.S saro u talk alot of shit.. i like that!!!!!! :p
Jlab wrote:
what have I missed ? gone a few months and everythings gone to hell?

Nah everything is going great! Dead set things have not been this tranquilly peaceful since I can't remember. We're taking some time off from raiding while we wait for the expansion. Yea lots of stuff has happened but its all resolved now.
Fork wrote:
I want to stay >_>

But as im sure most of you know WoW is most fun while playing with your friends. And with Willy and Spoon moving over (Who i both have known in real life for aeons) and phil (a great friend from an old server, just like kiral) i was going to move with them.. However i still think there is hope in the old bird yet.

If i can persuade Spoon to stay then we shall 'rise up from the ashes' and shit and keep pushing this guild for all it is worth.

So i'll stay, if you will keep me,

<3 Fork


Just though i'd add, as much as i love this guild (i really do) i think that if i cannot persuade Spoon, i will leave with them, just because they are my RL friends..

Revelation: Spoon was going to move to Penance.
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