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I think it tastes like a really strong and extra sweetened apple juice.

Very easy to drink and packs a punch. I might have to look into making another batch soon..

Inja loves the stuff.
wow i can't believed you drunk it.
Wiing wrote:
wow i can't believed you drunk it.

You've been here 2 years and you didn't think that Fork would drink something that was weapons-grade alcohol? Lift your game, Wiing.
I hope you know who Robbaz is, Fork. He loves mead and vikings too and makes hilarious videos on youtube. Guaranteed laughs from this video.

i'm pretty drunk but that was amusing

"see you in valhalla hehehe"
Nice :D I had a hip flask full of mead and finished it off before heading out to the pub yesterday, went down quite well and quickly.

Now that i'm not moving house for another year I think I'll have to make another batch :D
so at the perth drinks the other week, tried this, omg... if i liked oranges it would be awesome, good mix :D
makin sumthin of my own right now, downside is it takes like 6-8 weeks :(

heres the incomplete recipe :P

14.4 litres Apple Juice (No preservatives or additives)
4.8 litres Apple & Blackcurrant Juice (No preservatives or additives)
1kg of sugar (to kick up the alcohol cotent)
1 five gram packet of champagne yeast (to handle the alcohol content :P)
Unknown amount of lactose yet (added before bottling to sweeten it [chapagne yeast makes it a dryer taste supposedly])
½ teaspoon sugar in each strongbow bottle for carbonation

weird juice amounts are due to berri juice being 2.4L
I'm looking to start a new batch in a few weeks, how'd yours turn out Nusteyr?

Anyone else ever made mead?
So mine is a cider, and i have improved the recipe, but still having issues with it fermenting too far (kills the flavour). I would love to be able to bring a batch to the meet, but i can't start a batch until i get into my house (about a month away), and it takes bout 7 weeks before bottling.
Ah ok. I heard cider is really hard to balance your own recipe out - there are premade packs now like this though.

Within the next month I hope to start up one beer and one mead - then after the beer i'll try a cider :D

Pretty excited to be honest, have been meaning to do it for so long.
i did do a little bit of research into some of those kits and That kit you posted should turn out to be to your liking (5seeds and strongbow), black rock is a good one.
Fuck yeah, that's exactly what I want to hear :D

Hopefully next mini meet at mine i'll have it up and running and you come along so you can critique it.
Sounds good, I'm hoping that with what I've learnt so far, that my next batch will be at least very close to what I want, about 8% and a decent taste, then i will start checking out carbonation.
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