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Mimic wrote:

So, reddit loves you Shaunz.

Edit: Holy crap it topped the MTG subreddit, the comments are amazing.

That is indeed amazing, some of those comments were fantastic. It has really made my morning to see people so happy about it.

My favourite was probably this one:
Rows on rows on rows of smiley faces, this boy was a graphic design master

Little do they know, they're actually talking about an MSPublisher master.

This one was also pretty magical: … ay/cm1alyo

Shaun when you move back to Australia soon we should schedule in the 3rd Annual Shaun's Magic Tournament
Ausedragon wrote:
Mimeoplasm is such a fun card to play. I have the pre-made mimeo deck which I haven't altered due to reasons.

I prefer commander over regular formats, solely because most commander decks are forced to have multiple combos in them whilst I found when playing standard you would have a limited amount of combos and just 3 repeats of those cards.

I've bought the cards for This deck. Solely for the purpose of being That Guy at the local Commander tournaments... Plus free cards :D!

I have the pre-made Mimeo deck too, but it's the weakest of my 5 or so Commander decks. Really need to rework it a fair amount.

I much prefer playing Commander too, mostly because of the social aspect (tell someone if they're doing something wrong, gang up on jerks etc) and that every game is so different.

deadmentyping wrote:
Is it bad that I'm really interest on mtg more and more :P (too much rules & abbreviation that I don't have any clue though)

Not bad at all, it's great fun!
deadmentyping wrote:
Is it bad that I'm really interest on mtg more and more :P (too much rules & abbreviation that I don't have any clue though)

I learned to play magic when I was in Year 6 in Australia. Many of us played in the school's library during lunch break. Pretty sure you'll be fine, Dead.

Pick up green or red as a beginner. Those colours are friendlier to those learning the basic fundamentals of magic, and they promote aggressive play (incredible hulking and damage to the doming). Sending a 6/6 trampling wyrm to ruin someone's day never gets old, and the same goes for chain-lightning-bolting someone to the dome for the win.

It's a lot better if you have a group of friends that are willing to take the dive into trying magic with you. Just a ward of caution though: cardboard crack is a terribly dangerous drug that will result in the obliteration of your bank account. You might tell yourself that you can control the urges, I assure you that you will not be able to.
Online version is even worse because you pay the same amount and don't even get to hold anything.

We've only ever really played casual. Fork and I play with our friend Apex every now and then, usually just a three player free for all.

We've gone to various pre-releases and an FNM or two in the past, but mostly we just stick to the kitchen table and always have a pretty good time. Very clear roles have emerged over the years and we know who will target who, who will try to slide under the radar and the fact that you can never trust anyone to make a fair deal. Group politics is one of the best parts of the game!
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