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Probably the wrong place to talk about an NFL film turned TV series, but regardless, it's an awesome show. Quick synopsis: Based on the Dillon Panthers High School football team, in Texas where High School NFL is more of a religion than a sport. It's based around Coach Taylor and his team, and their lives. Really well put together show, good music and excellent acting.

Oh and cheer leaders.

Anyone else seen this show? I'm finishing up the first season now, which has been amazingly good.
Yeah, but 'football' is a term used for a couple things. Clarity is good. Probably should have said Grid Iron, but meh.

As far as I knew it hadn't been cancelled, parts of Season 2 were delayed because of the writer's strike, but it hasn't been cancelled. I hope.
Ah i was wrong, looks like it got renewed afterall. Before the strike it was actually looking like it was going to get axed but apparently other shows dying saw it get the go ahead.

Also i forgot the worst cases of watching a show after it ended: Firefly and Veronica Mars :( :(
Spoon wrote:
Firefly and Veronica Mars :( :(

:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(

VM did get a good run, but still terrible to see it leave.
Firefly was the worst case of that. At least they brought out Serenity.
Started watching this the other day, loving it, pretty good TV Show
Finished FNL last night and I have to say, this is such a good show. I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons, they way you connected with each character and when they did something wrong, I found myself shaking my head thinking "No it wasn't meant to be like that". Like the way Tim was putting Julie to bed one night after a big night out and Coach found them together, and kicked Tim out. He was trying so hard and everything.

I really enjoyed watching Tim's antics and I am glad they involved him and Matt in the last episode. The last ep wrapped everything up ever so nicely.

I felt season 4 was hard to watch at the start, as we were introduced with all new characters and it wasn't really like the first 3 seasons. I am glad I continued watching it, as the last 2 seasons turned out okay.

With good writers and a good story line, I have to recommend this show to anybody who wants to watch something that's not like the current junk on TV these days.
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