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I wonder if it will be too cruel of me to point out that the hiatus is actually 6 issues, so it's at least 6 weeks =(.

Anyway Shunsui was really cool in the latest chapter I love how he personally came to deliver the bad news to Ichigo's close friends even if the bad news had only a small likelihood of coming to pass. He accepted Ichigo’s friends reactions and even offered them passes to enter Soul Society if the worst scenario does come to happen - lucky them =D. This illustrates just how much Shunsui (and the rest of Soul Society) appreciate what Ichigo has done for them.

How exciting

Now I know why Yhwach (who I have been referring to as Juhabach) had the Quincy claim Hueco Mundo first and kill a ton of Arrancar, he needed to create the imbalance between worlds reach a point where he could overlap his world with Soul Society. But hahah surely its messing with science he would soon regret if this wasn't done in a shounen manga =P.

Still have the shinigami been caught with their pants down once again? Did they expect the Quincy to invade at a later time? Going by what Shunsui said to Ichigo’s friends regarding the battle with the Quincy and how ‘it won’t be happening anytime soon’, it does seem like Soul Society have been caught with their pants down once again. Well if they look on the bright side, they have nine days until “the end of the world” (is Yhwach a prophet?). A shame we have to wait until September for the continuation of this 'nine days until the end of the world' story though.

Bleach Chapter 546 – Chilling Intrusion

Talk about invading an enemy world…with another world…
Bleach Chapter 547 – The Shadow Of Seireitei

Very cool return by Kubo-sensei who set up the Shingami as being in a very precarious position in which they had no chance to defend against the invasion by the Quincy. I'm curious to see if a few Arrancar will join in with the battle between the Shinigami and Quincy. Will also be great to see how Mayuri utilises these 'anti-Quincy' measures he researched to expose more vulnerabilities within the Quincy who believe their powers are virtually unlimited within the reishi saturated Seireitei.

Toshirou showing up was a surprise, wasn't expecting him to show up so soon given that he has no Bankai at the moment =/.
Bleach Chapter 556 – Komamura Sajin

The Human Metamorphosis technique - colour by aConst

Well that was a shock, one of the least favourite Gotei 13 Captains (which happens to be one of my favourite) getting such a badass development! I never understood why Bleach fans never really thought much of Komamura but I suspect it has something to do with the Soul Society arc and Komamura revealing his Bankai so early on in the story and subsequently from then on not getting much chance to show any improvement. I like Sajin so I am very glad he has been given a new power-up, one that will potentially showcase just how badass he is. I too was curious why Sajin wore a helmet this fight and I guess now we know why – human metamorphosis huh? Love that surprise twist right there Kubo-sensei!

Glad that an explanation was entered into on the following page. Human Metamorphosis, so something like that existed, how exciting. Sajin's clan were initially human but due to their sins they were cast into the Beast Realm when they entered the afterlife to atone for all those sins they committed when living. It is a convenient explanation that Sajin's gets a power-up when returning to his original form - a human, but it is a believable explanation and one that I don't mind. The fact that Sajin had to pull out his heart to attain such a form which expressed just how much he feels thankful and grateful to Genryuusai and his clan added to the relevance and significance of this power-up. This power-up didn't only grant him a power boost, it also gave his character and actions more substance, something which he was lacking, especially in the eyes of the reader. Good work Kubo-sensei, I'm certain a lot more of the Bleach readers are seeing Sajin a whole new light now =D.

Sajin’s Bankai, Kokujou Tengen Myouou...

Kokujou Tengen Myouou


And yeah I like Ichigo's new outfit design from the previous chapter:

The Hero - colour by hyugasosby

Ichigo is so going to carve things up in Soul Society when he gets there. Can't wait.
Komamura Sajin puts Obito and Sasuke (and the whole of the Uchiha for that matter) to shame! They should take note.

This is how you fight with no heart:

Got that Obito?

And this is how you use a creation similar to the Susanoo:


<3 Kokujou Tengen Myouou

I am so glad Kubo-sensei has chosen to highlight Komamura Sajin in such a badass light after he was placed in the background for so long. Ah Sajin really is a total badass. Finally we are starting to see why he was appointed as a Captain of the Gotei 13.

With Kenpachi still to appear, it would be pretty amusing and awesome if the Gotei 13 Captains finished their business (minus Yhwach) before Ichigo gets there =P, doubt that will happen, but it would be awesome.

Artwork was amazing this chapter, loved it.

Bleach Chapter 557 – This Is My Resolve
I totally agree with you Syphin, Komamura is a badass. This whole scene will be really cool to watch when the anime finally returns (in the year 2100 A.D)

His all-offense Bankai form is really awesome, just a bit sad to see the Sternritter whore die....because Bambietta is such a hottie.
I just hope Komamura won't be the victim of the Kubo-hype-troll next chapter because now that Komamura has finally gotten some decent coverage I hope it continues. Ugh I don't want to imagine it but I can't not imagine it...Aizen gets immortality, he trolls and owns everyone (except for Super Ichigo), Komamura gets immortality and he is trolled =(. Shinji's presence in the battle is making me feel so uneasy and fear that Bambietta is still alive and will show how she can use her Vollständig form to counter Komamura =(.

Anyway I've really been enjoying the version 2.0 of the characters Kubo-sensei has been re-introducing: Unohana, Kenpachi, Toushirou, Sui Feng, Ichigo (more like version 8.0 or something), and now Komamura. This gets me excited about what Kubo has in store for Yoruichi, Kisuke, Isshin, Rukia, the rest of the Karakura team, the Fullbring, and any Arrancar that may appear.

And yeah I hope the Bleach anime returns at some point or we get OVAs of the final arc =/.

Edit: I was looking at the top searches on my blog and I got a good chuckle when I seen "Komamura unleashed".
Bleach 558 is out, and it's a good one.

Sajin is the first of the Gotei 13 captains to take out Bambietta, but at the cost of his humanity. He has reverted to what is his purest form (doggy). Although I am glad he didn't have to die at the expense of the plot to kill a Top 5 Sternritter, this effectively removes Captain Doggy as a member of the Gotei 13. It was definitely a big plus that we got to learn more about Komamura Sajin, especially his dog-face origins. Every dog has his day, and Komamura Sajin definitely had his - with a combination of no-bullshit beatdowns and one of the coolest bankai forms.

Oh, and Rukia is back. Ninja Rukia even. Fanboy senses are tingling!

Dem goggles, dat facemask. HNNNGHHH
Ugh I really dislike how Kubo-sensei uses cliff hangers to end one chapter when he has no intention of following up with it in the next chapter. My body was so ready for Renji and Rukia carving some Sternritter bodies up, but no...looks like we'll have to wait...

Ah we still haven't been shown who the character was which saved Kisuke in Hueco Mundo - most like Grimmjow, but I want confirmation!

Also a Quincy talking about maintaining the scales of balance, I can't help but laugh.

The Mask de Masculine Sternritter feels so lame, the fact that I was expecting Rukia and Renji and got this guy makes it even worse. A Quincy who gets stronger the more James cheers for him...And what the hell Kensei, tell your enemy how your Bankai works exactly why don't you. Now we all know that if Super Star avoids Kensei's fist, Kensei is beyond useless.

Geez whatever happened to the days when Quincy were characters who fought with bows and arrows? I guess Sternritter are not necessarily the type of Quincy we are used to.

Also regarding Sajin, why did the grandpa wolf eat Sajin's heart? Was the same thing done to the grandpa wolf - tricked to pull his heart out and then left to go full beast mode as his heart is eaten? I guess this is why he said the clan was one driven by vengeance =/.

Bleach Chapter 559-560 – The Balanced Imbalance
What a horribad chapter. I feel like my intelligence is being mocked on a colossal scale.

Like seriously? Two Captains whom are Visored (pretty much anti-Quincy) got screwed over by one of the least interesting Bleach antagonist. And once again the good guys start behaving like the generic shounen manga bad guy giving away ALL their secrets...if Rose tells Mask de Masculine how his Bankai works, OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO DESTROY HIS EAR DRUMS. Like c'mon man...

And another thing, why the hell did Mask de Masculine ask Renji who he was when Mask de Masculine DESTROYED his own ear drums...

Shinji, Kensei, Rose.…

All former Visored Captains screwed themselves over by telling their opponents their secrets...Is there something else going on in the background or does Kubo-sensei just hate the Visored?

Ah, I miss Aizen...


….troll me please...


Bleach Chapter 561 – A Wild Renji Appears

Cue the Pokemon battle music! He is here!

I am actually afraid for Rukia now...

If this is what Kubo-sensei is doing with Shinigami Captains to make the Zaraki and Ichigo (and Byakuya) entrance more intense, then...ah I don't want to think about it. Just let her go Bankai and own a few Sternritter up please (before she is saved by some other character).
Syphin wrote:
I am actually afraid for Rukia now...

If this is what Kubo-sensei is doing with Shinigami Captains to make the Zaraki and Ichigo (and Byakuya) entrance more intense, then...ah I don't want to think about it. Just let her go Bankai and own a few Sternritter up please (before she is saved by some other character).

Have hope. Renji was able to be badass, maybe, just maybe, he can do stuff (seeing as the enemy has already lost his empowering half).
Ugh, I really dislike Kubo-sensei's formulaic approach to battles. Characters are trashed to hype up other characters who end getting thrashed to hype up another character and make them look "cool". Just like how it was in the Arrancar saga, the same approach to battles are now being used this arc and I find myself overcome with a sad face and tarnished optimism. Kubo-sensei is a beast at setting up arcs, but when it comes to battles and continuing the build-up, things fall painfully flat on their face.

With Renji one-shotting Mask de Masculine with just a slash, Kensei and Rose's capability dropped a whole lot. Two Captains who trained hundreds of years to attain their power were surpassed by a few days/weeks worth of effort by Renji...something seriously is not right there (not even Ichigo was able to gain that much strength over his three day training when he attained Bankai). What bugs me the most about Shinji, Kensei and Rose's defeat is why have they not gone Visored forms yet? Are those forms banned in Soul Society? If so, why? A war is currently being fought, limiting your soldiers power is just stupid, especially when the Visored form is a trump card which can significantly counter the Quincy. The fact that they gave their secrets to their Bankai obviously didn't help =/.

Ah Renji is probably going to be owned down the line some point by another Sternritter to hype up Ichigo, Byakuya or some other character. I fear the same thing is going to happen with Rukia. Ichigo or Byakuya is going to save her.

Anyway, I hope this Mask de Masculine fight is over, thinking about how he ended up defeating 3 lieutenants and 2 Captains just hurts my brain. Hopefully Kubo-sensei can get the story back on track soon.

Bleach Chapter 562 – A Wild Renji Attacks

Eyes of a villain - colour by DEOHVI
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