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I'm just upto ep41 so please use spoiler tags if you talk about things after where I am.

The Ichigo vs Kenpachi Zaraki fight was awesome ^_^ very intense.

Ichigo can't die!
Chad can't die!
Rukia is being an annoying emo bitch.

Yoruichi is hot!

Ichigo flying in with the wing and music going gave me tingles!

God damn it's gotten so good :O
Remedial wrote:
i've watched up to episode 3, then got distracted and never went back

I did the same but went back, regretting I didn't get into it earlier now.
No, she's the awesome bitch who unlocked that tools super powers then went all emo in some giant stone tower while the awesome tool became an awesome guy with awesome friends.
If you were locked in a power-sapping stone wall with no powers,

You'd be feeling like McShit.

At least she doesn't BAWWWWW like Cliche'd Whore Number 3000, she's relatively at peace at her with the impending event.
But should still cling onto life so she can go after Ichigo's fire crotch cock like any anime female should.
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