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I see many threads that state "why roll pally when you can be a deathknight QQ or why roll a warrior when you can roll a deathknightQQ" "zomg pallies are dead now that deathknight can heal and dps as much as a rogue"

the deathknight class *seems to be* much different than any other types and it seems much more versatile almost as fun as the rogue class. *trust me prot tanking as a warrior or pally sucks*


~At level 80 any player will be able to do a non-hardcore-raider questchain to unlock the Death Knight class.
~The Death Knight class will be another character. So free up your 8 slots in your character list.
~All races are avaliable to the Death Knight class until further notice. *No dranei Death Knights please*
~Death Knights appear to start at a high level. There will be no level 1 Death Knights in Elwynn Forest.
~Blood Knight uses Rune System
~Dual wield or 2h axe/sword
~No shield
~Out of combat you bind your runes to your weapon
~Blood/Unholy/Frost runes at your disposal


I bind 4 blood runes, 0 frost runes, and 2 unholy runes to my 2h sword. I also spec deep into the Blood tree, and the rest i put into unholy.

In PvP, i can't cast a big unholy heal that'll make mortal strike look *@*%* because it might require 3-4 unholy runes on my weapon. I'm stuck using abilities that require up to 4 blood runes to use.
*the above pvp situation of being the best of everything or even the best of one thing is foggy atm but i'm looking into it. healing absolutely can't be good for deathknight as there will be no reason for any other healing class, i know that, and at the same time damage can't be the best for deathknight because there will be no reason to roll any dps class, it's gonna be the same situation as we've had with the druid/pally class when wow first came out*

Catch though, once i use my blood runes, they'll be on cooldown *for an unknown time at the moment*

More discussion and i'll edit this post whenever. : )
Ralphie wrote:
Moradim wrote:
Seeing as how I have 2 lvl 70 gnomes, I think my death knight might actually be a diff race


lol I'd like a new racial for once! The dodge and escape artist for my rogue is spectacular, and I still <3 <3 gnomes, but a third major char as a gnome might make my ears bleed. Fuck I hate the gnome voices.
As I understand it, when you finish the Death Knight quest chain you unlock the DK as a carbon copy of the character that did it. I.E. my death knight will look exactly like Lunais.

Looks like you're going gnome. Sux2bu
That's what they said on worldofraids or one of the other sites I read concerning it. It makes sense when you think about it, since that's the character being corrupted by Arthas throughout the chain.
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