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Hey guys if your not saved to kara this week or your saved to Imas group Raid ID please whisper me ingame today im going to get at least curator down its loot FFA within reason.

It isnt a fun run as in come and do whatever the fuck you want serious interest please only ppl who acutally want to get someting done :twisted:
Searching for it unsuccessfully but I laughed pretty fucking hard at everyone hating on this person so far. Among various other nostalgia.

Spoon wrote:
so shut the fuck up sugar you dirty minger

Pepperoni wrote:
I wish my endgame experience was smiley face

Darkshaunz wrote:

Where the shit is the girl meant to be put her red coins in?

Her ass?

This came up for results containing "sugar" too:

Ralphie wrote:
Wheres the option for Raiding San's Moms Sugar bowl for some sweet, sweet sugar?

Indianna wrote:
catch yas on the flip side
Clownshoes wrote:
Indianna wrote:
catch yas on the flip side

Thats a bonus in the same way that you win a million dollars and then they're like HEY HERES A BONUS and shoot you in the face.
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