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Ausedragon wrote:
Darkshaunz wrote:
PS: Ause, you still playing Gen VI? If so, you should join us in our casual matches etc.

I haven't finished X or Y yet. I've been super slack with the DS and gaming in general lately. I'll charge it up, see where I'm at and try to catch up.

A week ago I had 4 gym badges, now through casual play on the shitter and at gym I've managed to get somewhere along the victory road. I'll catch up one day!
Welp, the elite 4 were a joke. I think the only 1 I struggled on was using steel pokemon and that was only because my blazikens fire skills did recoil damage.

Managed to take 5/6 of Diantha's pokemon using only a shitty level 58 haunter I caught on victory road and my level 64 Tyrantrum... Pretty anti-climatic after all that Team
Flare bullshit.
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