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Well what's the nominal and peak power output from your penis?
Mine is 505W and 1010W respectively.
Less out of 7.1 is just bling imo. You get more immersion and better spacialisation out of a good pair of headphones.
Nonu wrote:
Because I'm on the move, and I like to stay retro.. I've kept my first penis that I got in 1985, heavy boombox styles

word to that the 85 models were rock solid
Mine's a 1980 model. Previous owners took quite good care of it, but the most recent owner may have neglected the upkeep a little, 'cos it's looking a bit gnarled.
our vent server has been really shit for a few hours during some days. last saturday for about four hours it was just constantly dcing people, staying offline for a few minutes or more then reconnecting for about 5 minutes and repeating that over and over.
what do you mean by "problem?"

if you're asking if it is a problem that it's going down - not really, it hasn't happened in raids before, was during the day when not so many people are on. it probably didn't get fixed quickly because it was a saturday. idk was just observing and reporting!
Alrighty, doc told me about it a week or two ago but the bills have been paid and so it should be fine.

They must just be having problems with the server, we don't really have much control over it. All we can do is restart the server but it sounds like it's doing that already. If the server is having issues the only thing to do is wait unfortunately.

Could you please note down when it happens, how long it went for etc. Make a log of it then if it becomes a regular thing or is out for an extended period of time I can complain to them, maybe get us moved to a different server or some compo.
i can't connect to vent. It keeps resetting the port number after I try to connect and when I try it just hangs there and doesn't connect. Can someone pm me the details. if it's the same as the ones posted in NSL thread then I have no idea whats wrong.
Cetra wrote:
Pakuz wrote:
Pakuz - WoW free since Nov. '06.

poor guy, doesnt wat hes missing now!!

kinda reminds me of:
"Hi, my names Pakuz... and im a WoW-a-holic..."

Hey if he ever falls off that wagon I need the ressurect a friend mount.
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