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Hey everyone , Ken here and I'm a new Neverwinter player from SEA , i came to know of you guys via your guild details in game and I'm excited to know that there are SEA players in Neverwinter , hope you guys can guide me along as i just played it a few days ago

Background about myself:

24 (turning 25 in about 3 months time) year old who is currently in university [I'm on break now , so I can play] , due to schedules I may not be as active during terms but I will try to get on if i can

Games that I played (past and present) - MapleStory , TERA , Black Desert Online , Wildstar , Blade & Soul and Neverwinter , quitted Maplestory 2 years ago and the rest are non-commital (meaning that i never really play it anymore) except for Neverwinter

SEA player as mentioned above (from Singapore to be exact)

That's all from me for now , Hope to know you guys better and be friends with y'all

Ken (Callista Rivea [Char Name in Neverwinter])
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