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I've returned with questions regarding servers for my new(started 6 months ago) job. Cutlery advice preferred.

Beefy wrote:
I am currently working at a small automotive tool maker company and we are looking into getting and maintaining a server with VPN access. I was looking into purchasing a QNAP or NAS 2/4 slot server. However, before my boss will purchase it, he wants to see a work flow process regarding use.

A little background, we make tools and because of customer needs, we constantly make design changes due to cost/deadlines and how much time we are required to provide service to a tool. For example, we make a tool to make a part of your car and 4 years down the line, it breaks. Potentially, we need to be able to access the schematic data out in the field that is massive and sits in a hard copy file here. The problem, what if the tech who's working on it doesn't have any previous experience with the project until he needs it this moment ?

I was looking into TortoiseSVN and revision control through a Subversion server as a potential option to always make sure the data (that isn't clearly defined due to automotive nomenclature) is the current working model and not a potential design that was never built.

Is this the right way to go about this? This isn't what I was brought in to do, administrative staff who can speak Japanese, so I'm basically fumbling my way through setting up a potential server and don't know where to begin.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


Also, I'm having problems accessing slack again.
Also, I'm gonna be a father in about 6 weeks
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