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Blizz acknowledges Vanilla

i guess everyone picks a side?

People have different preferences. A lot of people are excited because their preferences (vanilla) are being met. From my point of view Willy is simply trying to share this joy and excitement with you all, and probably try spark some interest for those who might share his passion.The whole vanilla WoW topic seems to be mostly met with criticism and judgement - from people that it has zero impact on and who haven't really given it a try (in 10 years)? I actually felt just like Tristen before I started playing on vanilla servers a year or so ago, but when I actually played them I began to enjoy it a lot more than retail. But like I said, people have different preferences. I'm not 100% devoted to vanilla, my preference would be that Blizz make legion well enough to draw people like me away from vanilla servers.
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