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Watched the first 8 episodes of this on my planes to/from Sydney and really enjoyed it. It's a procedural format but done in an interesting way that links it all together.

It's like some sort of reverse Prison Break and I certainly find it entertaining enough to want to continue with it.
Good to see you're still posting on new TV shows Spoon.

No word of a lie, it is one of the very few things i still come here for.

I also find it entertaining, but confess to having let it slip off my radar in the wake of Vikings returning.
I watched a few episodes of this, but even Jamie Alexander's hotness couldn't save this piece of garbage.
Do you remember what you disliked about it Fork? I'd be interested to know since I've been finding it very entertaining.

In the episodes I've seen so far there has been a lot of variation in the crimes the tattoos have lead to and some of them have been pretty intense.

The only things I've really been thinking are weak so far are the supporting characters, but the main characters and episode plots all seem interesting enough.
The whole storyline was loose and shit, the show treated viewers like idiots (eg replaying flashbacks.. yeah we get it!) and it just felt like they were making it up as they went along.

Main blokes acting was shit, and the birds was wooden. I can handle shit acting but this show just grated on me.
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