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Malieus wrote:
What is the min ilvl and what do you guys need for raids? I have a tank (paladin), dps (warlock) and healer (shammy)

P.S. Discord is sooooo good!

Whatever you want to play :)
I just want to quickly address some of the things that happened tonight.

The intentions were never to create a rift and separate the guild. We are well aware that when the decision to take a smaller group was made that people were extremely unhappy. We then made a decision to split from ES tonight and continue with our own raid as putting the guild first is and should always be the main priority. In my time with Twelve the guild has never been about excluding anyone.

Overall this could have been dealt with in a better manner but when mistakes are made we do need to let them play out to learn from them.

I would like to say thank you to Hobz for stepping up to raid lead. Your patience is valued and we appreciate how you dealt with having to teach everyone some new strats and putting up with the pugs we had. Loot isn’t your strong point though :P (Edit: Hobz could you please post the strat you intend for Tyrant?)

Moving forward we will need to recruit some tanks and healers.

Also need to make a decision on the #killarchimonde movement :)
Sugarpuff wrote:
Also need to make a decision on the #killarchimonde movement :)

Do we need another poll? :)

Sugarpuff wrote:
In my time with Twelve the guild has never been about excluding anyone.

This is what I've always thought and I don't understand why anyone would want otherwise. ES helped us get back on our feet, no doubt about it. Suggestions by Twelve members to improve the raid have never aimed to exclude ES members from their own raid. At some point members suggested to break off into our own raid, but only after I think they were frustrated there was no room to discuss changes to the raid. Personally, I would have liked to avoid the split.

Reasons like, "seeing too many new faces", or, "too many people makes my computer lag a little more", or "we need to think about future Mythic raids", are reasons that just don't cut it for excluding 10+ Twelve members in a Heroic raid, especially without prior discussion. (at least in my opinion). Twelve have never veto'd who ES can bring to a raid, and that should have been mutually respected. I definitely did not feel comfortable being invited to raid, while other Twelve members were sitting there waiting for their normal invite.

After Wednesday's fairly successful raid, I don't know why things couldn't have just continued as they were. I can only assume not everyone thought Wednesday was their idea of "successful", in which case, it should have been up for ….you guessed it... discussion. Discussion always felt, from my point of view, very one-sided.

I am glad that Cailo and the officers have sided with the option that benefits Twelve members the most, and not an option that may have resulted in two separate raids (which no doubt would have just created even more drama and rift in the guild). I hope that everyone from Twelve that previously raided with us, will continue to raid with us. Our raids should be welcoming to all Twelve members.

Congrats on getting Iskar, Xhul and Fel Lord down. Hobs did a fantastic job leading the raid and tweaking our strategies on the fly. Hopefully we can recruit some tanks (a DK tank, anyone? :)) and some healers so we can continue right where we left off.

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Excellent post Sugarpuff you summed it up the way I feel it went too.

When the idea for me ask Tex to become GM of Twelve came up in 2013 I wasn't sure if I was the right person for the job. I took the challenge on though because I felt as if I could trust my self to make the right decisions to unite the guild and not divide it.

Last night I ignored my gut feeling and went with other opinions which resulted in about 3 minutes of full scale revolt. Yea it immediately felt wrong so I changed my mind but I want everyone to feel welcome I don't want to exclude people, I'm sorry. All the officers felt the same way. "Things are never black and white", I was told later.

Well that's over now so lets put it behind us and look forward to fun, heroic Archimond's weeks are numbered. I'm also looking forward to a meet where guild drama's will not be a main issue. :)
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