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Congratulations go to cailo- for winning Post of the Month for February 2016.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: Looking ahead.'.


cailo- wrote:
This post was made too early everything has changed for the best in the past couple of months.

Everyone is having a great time and everything is going great. Go team. :D


Which now brings us to our Posters of the month. These are the people that received the most overall votes for their posts throughout the month.

1) Spoon with a total of 14 votes

2) cailo- with a total of 12 votes

3) kiral with a total of 10 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see even more quality content from everyone next month!
Statistics for February 2016

Threads started: 20
Total posts: 347

POTM votes cast: 116
Image likes: 5

Images uploaded: 26

Active members: 34
We have the location of the meet posted on the twelve homepage. I logged out and I could still see it, this means anyone can see it. This should be changed asap.
Remedial wrote:
Lots of votes this month, or at least seems like an increase.

There certainly were a lot more than previous because people actually used the forums a bit! Great success.
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