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cailo- wrote:
I invited Zed to the raid thinking we could take carries for farming raids but this was met with criticism because we were not to carry people any more. Then we carried that other warrior along who scored a bunch of gear.

Personally I'm fine with carries on farming bosses, should Zed been able to come along too?

I was a little conflicted about that too. I think Zed should have been allowed to come (after all we were also carrying a hunter too I think?), but I personally feel like we should be dropping people once we reach the upper tier....which is where our raiders also need the gear, and we struggle to consistently down bosses.
Zed was more geared than some of the people we had in tonight, so I don't understand the criticism towards him at all. Also the current strat for Iskar could be improved immensely with a few tweaks, more than happy to discuss it if people want to hear it, but we're currently taking unneeded damage, and adding extra movement for our dps when we don't need to be (especially during hero).
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