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Think LOTR crossed with The OC, and you've got this.

The first few episodes start off really cliche but are still entertaining, but it takes some turns and goes pretty hardcore at times.

The storyline is full of big plays, power struggles, characters dying, though some cliches still persist.

There's a hell of a lot of eye candy too, which makes it all go down a bit easier. Also, it has Crixus in it.

Do recommend.

I got about half way through the first episode and Steph was like 'nope, this sucks'. I might try to continue it if I get some time but I also have The Expanse for that which you've also recommended and seems like it's a bit better suited to me so I guess I'll see what happens
Yeah the acting in this is mostly terrible. It's alright to watch if you want to laugh at how dumb some of the scene/stories are.

Definitely targeted at 'The OC' demographic.
kiral wrote:
Definitely targeted at 'The OC' demographic.

Agree. Its sci-fi fantasy teen drama. Hilariously horrible.
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