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This show started really gentle and happy go lucky, but after a few episodes they turn it up to 11 and shit gets very real.

Don't let the Syfy brand deter you, they've had some real quality coming out lately.

Do recommend.

apparently in the books
Book one is all about Quinton and Book two is all about Julia. Thoughts about how they are choosing to tell them at the same time linearly?
It's alright, not a huge amount of stuff actually happens in this.

It's kind of funny how the nerdy chick isn't meant to be attractive, but is actually a babe.
I watched the pilot and didn't think to much of it.

Should I watch more? Is anyone really into it?
basically i hated 1-3 and then 4 picked it up a notch!! Stick it out and if you aren't sold by 4, its not meant to be
Beefyfife wrote:
basically i hated 1-3 and then 4 picked it up a notch!! Stick it out and if you aren't sold by 4, its not meant to be

Yeah, really ramps up after ep 4. Same with The Expanse and Shannarah too, actually.
I watched the pilot (and half the second episode) last night and I'm intrigued enough to continue with it. Moth man was sweet.

Sure wasn't expecting the dean to get his eyes ripped out in the first episode
yes Malieus, you can. Send me a message and I'll refer you to some places
Still frothing over this show.

Spoilers from most recent episode:

Love the premise of the time loop with something being changed each time, and the other group
trying to
talking to the goddamn goddess and getting their petitions answered. It all made sense in the show's universe, and from a history point of view etc.

Bottling their emotions was also very entertaining, and the shitstorm that ensues after drinking them back in is hilarious. The whole idea that they juice up to learn battle magic spells easier, then learn it without juicing slowly etc was fantastic.

Sucks Elliot is a tard and got them all kicked out of the library though, that place was handy.

Wonder how they're going to pull off the talking animals now that they're in Fillory, and if big boobs will bang a horse to get even more back at Q?
i called Martin being the Beast about 5 episodes ago, didn't see the whole julia getting raped by a demon god and going crazy though

they did that really well though, showing brief glimpses of the ceremony from her point of view had me convinced everything went as expected, it felt a little bit glossed over but they do that with a lot of things in the show that are meaningless so it didn't feel forced
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