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Remedial wrote:
i called Martin being the Beast about 5 episodes ago, didn't see the whole julia getting raped by a demon god and going crazy though

they did that really well though, showing brief glimpses of the ceremony from her point of view had me convinced everything went as expected, it felt a little bit glossed over but they do that with a lot of things in the show that are meaningless so it didn't feel forced

Yeah for sure, the God stuff got me too. But as soon as it happened (before we saw the rape) I thought the Trickster would be inside Julia, as they were walking into the Wishing Well. I missed Martin being the beast though, good pick up.

Overall it felt pretty rushed, but they packed a whole lot in. It would have been nice to have it spread over a couple of episodes, but I guess they ran out of money - eg the castle that isn't there... pretty funny shit.

Surely there will be some time travel shit next season, to unwind all the dead peoples.
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