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Making a Murderer is a documentary about a young guy, with an extremely low IQ who is convicted of a brutal assault, after having a history of abuse with the law, but that isn't all of the story.

This documentary is fucking insane. It is 100% worth a watch. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and just crazy.

I don't want to spoiler anything, but this is a must watch. I don't think I've been this compelled by a story in a long time.
Side note, i remember this happening. It occurred about 2 hours from where I grew up. Yay corruption!
This shit is nuts.

It was pretty hard to watch mostly due to the format, but the content of it is just fucking insane.

It just keeps getting better/worse and better/worse. Very hard to believe so much of it.

What's everyones thoughts on the final outcome?

I reckon UBERSPOILER: even if he did it, there wasn't enough un-tainted evidence to convict him of the murder. Simple as that.
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