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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
Don't really know how to start this off...


[Thinks of funny joke to fill in time] Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?

I'm sure it's enough to break the ice! :D

OK, whatever I'll get on with this.

Hello! My name is Pillow (my real name is Brandon) and I'm from the United States. I had learned about this website from a game called 'DND: Neverwinter," and I think this website is awesome! The fact it has so many diverse forums and such a beautiful display that's easy to understand is marvelous. So well done, devs [claps] you did good.

Anyways, for those who are in Neverwinter, I'm a level 61 Guardian Fighter (as of 11/27/15 @ 10:16 AM EST) and I began playing Neverwinter quite awhile ago. I managed to get to level 60, zoomed through the campaigns, but I took a break for a good long year and haven't played much since. I made this new character, and eventually went back to the old character and goodness gracious it was in terrible condition. So I'm thinking I'll just work on this guy for now, since I've leveled so quickly and had so much fun with him. Hopefully that little background of me clears a few things up (:

Concerning me, myself and I.… I'd have to say that I'm a sophomore in high school, 15 years of age. I've been playing percussion (drums, piano, tambourine, etc) for about 7 years and plan to pursue said career in the future. I'm self taught on piano, four-mallet marimba (see here for an example: and soon to be on drumset (with the help of my best friend, of course.) I've had pretty good academic grades, concerning I have one advanced class. My average GPA all throughout high school up until now is around a 3.6 GPA (A-).

So now that that's out of the way...

[Thinks of another funny joke to fill in time] What do you call it when a paladin says his farewells?

It's a Good Bye! :D
Welcome Pillows. I don't think the Twelve Neverwinter guild is very active any more. We had a similar post recently, I'd sure like to see what is written in it because I'd like to make a similar post on the warcraft forums for our still active world of warcraft guild.

You are welcome to stick around and participate in discussion on our forums though. Impressive music ability, that must be a great talent to have.
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