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Definitely one of the most creative movies in quite some time. This was very Pixar with a bunch of good jokes in there alongside a bunch of life lessons.

Sadness (voiced perfectly by Phyllis Smith from The Office) and Bing Bong (R.I.P) (voiced by Richard Kind from everything ever) absolutely steal the show.

I wish there was more time spent showing the inner workings of other people's brains as those moments were the best parts of the movie (like the panic from the Dad's brain when they realise he's being asked to contribute to the conversation, followed by the reaction from the Mum's brain).

We need more original concept movies like this.
i enjoyed the movie too, I think they are also developing a TV show a la Robot Chicken with little shorts like in the credits. Side note, Lewis Black as Anger was PERFECT!!!! Go listen to everything Lewis Black EVER!!! DO IT NOW!!!
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