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Sounds like a few Twelvian's enjoy a bit of running so I'd like to to endorse Parkrun.

Parkrun started back in 2004 when 13 runners got together on a blustery day in Bushy Park, Teddington, UK. We’re now an international family of over half a million runners (and counting).

Parkrun is a free weekly event where participants compete in a 5Km run of a Saturday morning. Once you register your details at the site you are given a printable barcode which is scanned after you complete an event and entered into their database. The online database tracks statistics such as your best time and the number of events you have competed in. Your barcode is accepted in any event you participate in across the world.

The countries that hold Parkrun events include:

United Kingdom (343 events), Australia (127), South Africa (58), Ireland (33), Poland (25), Czech Republic (1), Russia (14), New Zealand (9), Denmark (7), United States (4), Singapore (1), Italy (1), France (1)

So if you can feel motivated to get out of bed of a Saturday morning to do something that is free and will extend your life expectancy, give it a go. Lets see if we can get a Twelve competition going. I'm not all that quick my self, after 5 runs my personal best is only 27 minutes 33 seconds. I am determined to get bellow 25 minutes though, come try and beat me.
Good stuff Cailo!

There's one of these right near me, definitely want to give it a shot some time.
I haven't gone for a run in about a month at this point being too busy with things, and generally not having an aim so the other things end up having a higher priority. Planning to get back into it after the trip to the states though

I went to parkrun 3 times after finishing the marathon and this was my best.

"Ginninderra parkrun results for event #157. Your time was 00:22:52."
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