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"Oh my God, like you guys, look at all that TV"!

There's a shit load of TV coming out in the next month or two as the fall season starts up.

I found a "what to watch" guide that highlights a few prominent shows: clicky

Here's my picks:

The Bastard Executioner - from Kurt Sutter but knights in shining armour!

Scream Queens - American Horror Story crossed with Glee, starring Ariana Grande

Limitless - Limitless, but in TV form.

Heroes Reborn - Heroes v2, will most likely be shit.

Supergirl - Probably shit, but has potential. I hope they changed a lot from the bullshit long teaser they royally fucked up.

The Shannara Chronicles - It's from MTV so i'm very skeptical, but the trailer looks fucking awesome.

There's a starting point for you folks to add to your Sonarr or Sick Beard :)

Anything I miss?
New season dates of shows I'll be watching (more for my own reference)

Family Guy: September 27
Simpsons: September 27
South Park: September 16
Fast and Loud: September 7
Gotham: September 21
Big Bang Theory: September 21
Survivor: September 23
American Dad: (cant find info)
Gold Rush: TBA, usually late October.
The Bastard Executioner wrote:
Kurt Sutter as "The Dark Mute"

Sounds about right.

Seems he likes to cast himself in his shows but not actually say much (refer to Otto in Sons of Anarchy).
The Bastard Executioner, Moonbeam City and Doctor Who this week!

Blindspot, Scream Queens, Limitless next week!

And also How to get away with murder, Scandal, Survivor, Greys Anatomy also returning next week!

Shit, that's a lot of tv.
There's a few shows I'll watch. The main one is Doctor Who which has already started.

Out of the ones not yet on I'll watch Moonbeam City, Heroes Reborn, Supergirl, and Ash vs Evil Dead
Scream Queens was so much better than I thought it would be, and a whole lot better than I feel it should have been.

It was just the right amount of comedy, slasher, and crazy where it all worked together.

Think of the lovechild of Mean Girls + Scream + American Horror Story + Scary Movie and this'll be pretty close.

Heroes Reborn premiers tonight, along with Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal.
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