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So I'd heard decent things about this movie and although I was a bit dubious (Melissa McCarthy has been in some godawful shit lately), I thought I'd give it a shot.

This movie is from Paul Feig who also directed Bridesmaids, The Heat (which I had dismissed but now may reconsider) and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. It seems he might actually be incapable of making a movie without Melissa McCarthy in it, but he also seems the most capable of using her without it being a terrible disaster.

Anyway, the movie itself actually had some hilarious dialogue. It starts off pretty slow and shitty, but by the time it hits the second act it really picks up steam. Jason Statham recounts some damn funny anecdotes, Rose Byrne (as Rayna) is fucking outstanding as the snarkiest, bad-guy bitch on the planet and once Melissa McCarthy stops being nice, she delivers some amazing insults.

It starts slow and the ending isn't that great, but the stuff in the middle is absolutely worth your time if you're looking for a laugh.
Very funny show, but not your typical funny.

It started off super cringy funny, crazy awkward and cliche.. but then as you said Melissa McCarthy turned into a thundercunt duo with Rose Byrne it was the greatest shit ever. Jason Statham was annoying in the most hilarious and outrageous way throughout, and Morena Baccarin was the definition of perfection until that bitch got dead.

Also, dick pics. So many dick pics.
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