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I'm level 37 at the moment. Finally managed to ascend Phenol Thoxian (the jelly cube) so that he gets a taunt ability, so using him instead of stone fist as my tank now which is much better since his AOE is great.

Willow Swift has been fully ascended and is close to 4 star now, Chief Nub Nub has been ascended once and is 3 star, Lady Nimriel is close to 4 star and Tsume [when I'm running all DPS] has been ascended once and is 3 star.

I think I'm up to chapter 16 in the campaign and it's getting a bit tougher now.
I started playing this again after I got back from Europe. I'm level 51 now and still running a team of Willow Swift, Lady Nimriel, Tsume and Phenol Thoxian.

My team is all 4 stars and I'm closing in on 5 stars on some of them. Willow and Tsume are both fully ascended but I'm still working on the last ascension for Phenol and Nimriel.

PvP is a lot more difficult now since people are matched based on their player level so there isn't a whole bunch of easy wins anymore. It's mostly more difficult in a 'this is frustrating' way rather than requiring skill. Hopefully they decide to actually balance some things soon as some characters are far too powerful (Tsume is probably the worst offender).

They've added some good upgrades to the game such as 'Quick Loot' which allows you to receive the rewards from a dungeon in one click rather than having to sit through the auto-play of the dungeon. To qualify for quick loot you just need to beat that dungeon once without any of your characters dying.
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